Listing on EGX

EGX provides an organized market and implements international standards for listing and trading rules which allows listed companies to get the necessary funding through capital increase or through issuing bonds in order to expand their business activities.

The importance of listing whether in the form of stocks or bonds, is mainly to enable investors to transfer their ownership in the issuing companies through the trading system.

Listing on EGX provides the following:

  • Different Funding tools
  • Investments of more than LE 2 million listed investor
  • More funding facilities at competitive fees
  • Better Branding for companies
  • Activating the professional management through the corporate government rules to reduce the risk.

How to list a company on EGX?

Listing on EGX requires a series of procedures which are divided into three steps; first of which is preparing the required listing documents and submitting them to EGX listing department to receive an approval is issued. The list of the Listing agents is on EGX website, If a company prefers to submit its listing request through a nominated party from its side without the listing agent help, it can do so with the help of a specialized team at EGX that will assist the company through the different listing stages. The second step is having an IPO in order to be tradable on EGX platform after the company issues a prospectus that is revised by EFSA. Then comes the third and final step of trading the company's stock on EGX.

Listing Steps