Listing on NILEX

NILEX is the only market in the region aiming at developing small and medium enterprises in the Middle East and North Africa through providing the necessary funding to go through expansions.

NILEX targets the promising companies regionally with no boundaries to particular industries or geographic areas, including family businesses.

Listing on NILEX

  • Getting funding for your organization without complicated procedures and without the need for guarantees.
  • Huge Egyptian and foreign investments seeking to contribute and inveset in promising companies.
  • Institutions and Investment banks seeking to invest in successful companies and assist in their development in terms of management, marketing, technology,…etc
  • Being listed on the stock exchange facilitates the banking sector funding of all kinds.
  • Providing a trading mechanism to speed up the ownership transfer and mechanism for fair pricing based on supply and demand.
  • Listed companies all over the world witnessed remarkable growth opportunities after listing on the market and obtained required funding.

How to start listing a company

The first step for listing a company on NILEX is to do a contract with one of the accredited nominated advisor. This nominated advisor is responsible of helping the company in the stage of its listing; it is also in charge of following up the company's commitment to the Listing and disclosure rules and regulations. The nominated advisor carries this responsibility for not less than two years since the listing date though which he is committed to conduct the research coverage of the sponsored company.

Listing Steps